I am administering this site for Santa Fe Grassroots for Obama volunteers and friends. Now that the election is over, the topics have broadened to local community events. I encourage each of you to find your passion and make it happen by volunteering and getting others involved. If you'd like to share and spread your volunteer interests, write something up and I'll post it. Along those lines, you'll find things here now that I am personally passionate about. So please join me! My best, Gaye Pollitt

Thursday, June 25, 2009

This site last updated April 2009

This Santa Fe Grassroots for Obama site is still available for your browsing/historic pleasure. It's just not current.

To see what's happening in Santa Fe and the environs in response to our President & First Lady's call for our national and community service, please visit Engage!Volunteer! by clicking here.

The actual address is http://www.EngageVolunteer.org/

I hope you will add E!V! to your web browser and visit often. Lots of meaningful work to be done. You're needed!  Satisfy your Soul.  Spark a Dream.  Engage!  Volulnteer!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vote for President Obama - again.

As much as I hate this whole thing, if you're so inclined, please vote for President Obama again in this ridiculous MSNBC poll about the President's job so far for the first 100 days. It would be criminal to allow the Republicans (who are flooding the poll with "F" votes) to be allowed to use the results against Barack.

Please consider doing this. It will only take a moment...visit this site to vote...and pass it on your contact lists...even if you're as reluctant to do it as I am! http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29493093/

Monday, March 23, 2009

Got FUND RAISING talent? Adult literacy needs you!

I was going to post a call for adult literacy volunteers for Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe. But I have learned today that unless they get some serious fund raising, LVSF will not be able to afford to buy materials for tutors and students, let alone be able to train new volunteers. The economy has brought a downturn in donations and funding BY HALF and LVSF had to lay off most of its office staff and close its computer lab/learning center.

Usually, I stay away from the subject of fund raising...but this is an exception. If you have a talent for FUND RAISING and want to help resolve this very serious situation, please contact: Meredith Machen, LVSF President, 505-577-6337, mermachen@cybermesa.com

LVSF runs an impressive variety of literacy programs from its home base at Santa Fe Community College, at workplaces in Santa Fe and in locations throughout the community.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe website.

SB 249 was DEFEATED! That's a good thing - - at least for now!

A huge thanks to everyone who wrote or called New Mexico lawmakers in an effort to get the SunCal TIDD bill (SB 249) defeated. To the amazement of many, many Congressmen, it went down - TWICE - in the House. The first vote was 33 FOR and 33 AGAINST. And then it was "reconsidered" and failed again with exactly the same vote -- 33/33. Because it was a tie, the bill died! (Hey, that almost rhymes!)

Now, a lot of very influential people in both parties and, of course, the lobbyists, were very surprised at the vote. So, stay tuned and be prepared to voice your opposition again during the next legislative session. Between now and then, if you read or hear anything about this project, I'd be grateful if you'd let me know. (Email me: ggp.hd1340 @ hotmail.com)

For background, please read my first post about SB 249.

Sadly...school funding & education bills failed legislative approval.

Education had a rough go in this just-ended New Mexico legislative session:

  • HB331 failed, so the state school funding formula will not get revamped.
  • HB346 and SB412 both failed, so there will be no increase in the gross receipts tax which would have funded the new formula.
  • HB577 never even got out of the Senate Finance Committee, so the Senate never got a chance cast their vote on it. It would have authorized purchase of the College of Santa Fe campus by a state university.
  • And even though the House approved $3 million for operation of a future college at the CSF campus, the Senate removed the funding.


Monday, March 16, 2009

HELP DEFEAT SB 249...A poorly conceived land development requiring huge tax incentives that should go towards education, infrastructure, etc.

We've got less than three days to defeat this bill. Don't just take my word for it. Read this evaluation on Democracy for New Mexico. CLICK HERE.

Below is the letter I sent to the entire House of Representatives this afternoon (Monday 3/16/09). Copy/paste/or put it in your own words. Their email addresses follow my letter.

Dear Representative,

I am writing you to express my STRONG opposition to SB 249 (Sun-Cal TIDD). Please show how wrong the Senate was; be the legislative voice of reason that stops this critical assault. You must stop SunCal’s endeavor that has no chance of being positive for New Mexico; to the contrary, it can hurt us deeply in many ways:

  • My first question is about a “penalty clause for failure to perform.” Does one exist in the SunCal TIDD agreement? Or will this be New Mexico’s very own AIG-debacle? Due diligence (which should have stopped this project in its tracks long ago!) will show that that SunCal has an extremely poor track record with numerous debts, bankruptcies and abandoned projects. This is New Mexico's future partner to whom you are in danger of approving hundreds of millions of our tax dollars?
  • My second question should be at the top of everyone’s list. WATER. What about water? Where will the WATER come from for this huge development?
  • The $408 million tax break SunCal seeks will help them without holding them responsible; what’s the benefit to New Mexico in general?
  • Where are the economic studies that show demand exists to match all SunCal promises? Where’s the Legislative Finance Committee’s analysis about SunCal’s promised new tax revenue generation?
  • Why does SunCal want the taxpayers to give them funds for infrastructure that their own website claims will be "Developer-funded infrastructure"?
  • Where are the new jobs and new development from out-of-state firms that SunCal touted? They haven’t materialized to date nor can the company prove they will. Instead, all indications are that the site will be populated by existing ABQ businesses!
  • Finally, and critically, look at the "source" of these funds...tax money that is sorely needed in our general fund for our children, their schools, legitimate infrastructure, and more...you know the list much better than I do! My message today to you is an urgent request for you to VOTE AGAINST SB249. Prevent its passage in the House this week. It will be a travesty if SunCal succeeds…and double-indemnity given today’s economy. You have the power to prevent it! Ignore the lobbyists breathing down your neck to get this TIDD passed; in fact, send them packing! Do this for ALL New Mexicans by voting NO!
    Respectfully and urgently submitted,
Email addresses for the entire New Mexico House of Representatives is below. Copy/paste this entire block of addresses into the TO: section of your email. Or call the Representatives offices. GET PHONE INFO HERE.
rk1964@aol.com; albuqruiz@aol.com; ajbarreras4staterep@hotmail.com; Representative Shirley A. Tyler (sntyler@valornet.com); trippsdon@netscape.net; jpkthomas@prodigy.net; wallace@losalamos.com; Representative Richard Vigil (rrrvigil@plateautel.net); jamesstrickler@msn.com; Representative Mimi Stewart (mstewart@osogrande.com); denroch@hotmail.com; katrina@swcp.com; larry@larranaga.com; jeff.steinborn@nmlegis.gov; billrehm@comcast.net; Representative Ken Martinez (mlo1@7cities.net); askdennis@denniskintigh.com; Representative Jane E. Powdrell-Culbert (jpandp@comcast.net); rudy_s_martinez@msn.com; edward.sandoval@nmlegis.gov; danice.picraux@nmlegis.gov; Representative Dona G. Irwin (donagale@zianet.com); oneillhd15@fastmail.us; patricia.lundstrom@nmlegis.gov; jheaton@caverns.com; annunez@zianet.com; dianne38john4132@zianet.com; benrodefer@gmail.com; rick.miera@nmlegis.gov; alujan@q.com; jimmie.hall@nmlegis.gov; jonig@zianet.com; maryhelen.garcia@nmlegis.gov; ernestc1531@aol.com; ray.begaye@nmlegis.gov; wjgray@pvtnetworks.net; csecows@aol.com; eleanorchavez@gmail.com; roberto.gonzales@nmlegis.gov; noralee@cableone.net; gailchasey@msn.com; elias@barelalaw.com; nmhousedistrict30@live.com; paul@paulbandy.org; Representative Keith J. Gardner (gardners90@yahoo.com); anna.crook@nmlegis.gov; jearnoldjones@aol.com; Representative Thomas A. Garcia (ocate@hotmail.com); ncote@zianet.com; don.bratton@nmlegis.gov; kb5ysg@arrl.net; miguel.garcia@nmlegis.gov; zachjcook@gmail.com; richard.berry@nmlegis.gov; Representative Eliseo Lee Alcon (eliseoalcon@msn.com); alpark.nm@gmail.com; tom@tomtaylor.net; sheryl.stapleton@nmlegis.gov; antonio@moejustice.com; jimtrujillo@msn.com; josephs@plateautel.net; cervanteslaw@zianet.com; debbie.rodella@nmlegis.gov

This Saturday, Celebrate a Day for Literacy & the Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe.

Literacy lights the way!
Storytelling, Poetry Readings, Talks, Raffles and Sales throughout the day
Help raise funds for Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe and have some fun!
Saturday, March 21, 10am - 4pm
at Clear Light Book Gallery
851 West San Mateo St. and Calle Lorca (Formerly Open Hands)
For more details and the schedule of readings, please see

JOIN featured guests Mayor Coss, Ali MacGraw, Joe Hayes, Steve McFadden, Don Usner, Victor diSuvero, and Consuelo Luz. Heather Heunermund of NM Coalition for Literacy, and David Holmstrom, who volunteers at the prison, will talk of the impact of learning to read. In all, over 25 New Mexico authors and publishers will be autographing their books.

FREE BOOKS FOR ALL DONATIONS $5.00 – $10.00 - $25.00
Proceeds and donations benefit Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe a 501(c)(3) organization

Literacy Volunteers provides free, quality tutoring and encouragement for adults who want to learn to read, write and speak English. LVSF was established in 1985 and is affiliated with Santa Fe Community College. The demand for literacy services is growing. The program trains and supports over 100 volunteer tutors and over 700 students annually.

Because of the economy, annual giving and grant funding has decreased by half. LVSF has had to lay off most of its staff and close its computer lab/learning center at Gallegos Lane. Nonetheless, this award-winning, non-profit organization remains dedicated to helping educationally disadvantaged adults in the community learn to read and speak English from its home base at Santa Fe Community College, at workplaces and community locations. Funds are needed to support literacy and ESL students and tutors. It costs $35 to purchase training materials for each tutor and $100 or more to purchase high-interest, low-reading level instructional materials and dictionaries for each student.

LVSF’s programs are integral to strengthening Santa Fe’s economy and supporting working families. Programs help improve learners’ quality of life and create a greater sense of community. Socioeconomic problems such as poverty, unemployment, crime, and human rights abuses cannot be solved without addressing the need for adults to have strong reading, writing and math skills. Literacy skills are a key component of self-sufficiency for adult low-wage workers who are either non-English speakers with limited formal education and English speakers with low reading skills.

For additional information please contact:
Letty Naranjo, Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe
505-428-1353 lvsf@sfccnm.edu
Jane Price, Clear Light Book Gallery

Friday, March 13, 2009



  • The process begins at town hall meeting organized by wards, which are simply a group of 2 to 5 precincts.
  • Every registered Democrat who has been registered for 30 days is invited to attend, vote and run for office. You must be present in person to vote, though you can be elected if you are not present.
  • The Ward meeting elects, in addition to a Ward Coordinator and Vice Ward Coordinator, the Central Committee Members who will go to the County Central Committee meeting where the County Chair will be elected.
  • When you attend, you will cast one vote for a County Central Committee member, even though there will be several County Central Committee members to elect. The person with the most votes gets a position, then the person with the next most votes and so on until all positions are filled. (In cases of ties a deck of cards determines the winners). The purpose of this system is to allow minority groups and views to secure some positions rather than permit the majority to control all the seats.
  • For example, if there are 12 seats to fill and 12 persons each vote for themselves, all 12 will be elected with one vote each. If there are 25 people present and 12 people receive 2 votes, and one person receives one vote, the 12 with 2 votes would be elected.


  • The Central Committee members next go to a Central Committee meeting which they can do in person or by giving a proxy to someone else in their Ward. (There will be proxy forms available at the Ward Election) This Central Committee meeting is where the Santa Fe County Chair is elected.
  • The Central Committee also elects State Central Committee members by a proportional voting system to assure that minority groups and views are represented.
  • The State Central Committee members go on to a State meeting to elect State Leadership and National Committee members. This is a biannual grassroots-up process that works with good participation.
  • For this reason, it is important to come vote and spread the word to others who support developing robust Democratic Party participation in New Mexico!